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Designed with the Professional Installer in Mind

The Dual Rack mounting system is designed with the professional PV solar installer in  mind. The dual-clamping rails allow for flexibility of installation. The unique shape of  the rail provides an anti-rotation feature, locking the bolt in the proper orientation  when installed. The high strength rigid rails also include an integral wiring channel  for securing cables and providing a professional finish. The Dual Rack Solar Mounting  System features the industry’s latest selection of mounting supports, designed for  secure and water tight attachments to any roof style.  Our advanced design allows you to have less parts to keep track of and install, which means a less expensive and faster install than most products on the market today.

Dual Rack Technology can be installed in two different ways

Adaptbale technology which can be installed using either a Top down attachment style or an l-foot style, depending on design and budget constraint.
Residential Roofing             with Dual Rack   High Strength Reliable Design Engineered rail profiles for maximum strength-to-weight ratio Structural Aluminum rigid rail construction High Strength stainless steel module clamps and hardware Reduced Installation Time and Costs Dual clamping options Integral Wiring Channel for securing cables Lengths up to 17 feet eliminate costly rail splices Snap-In WEEB Integral module grounding option Flexible Mounting Options Height adjustable “L” mounting feet Attach anywhere on metal or composite roof decking Standoff available in 3 sizes Flat & S-Tile Hooks available
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